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Keep it Legal

Pro-cannabis laws have created a culture shift across the nation, bringing up a brand-new dilemma for cannabis industry employers. Missouri, along with 34 other states have legalized the use of cannabis, although it is still considered a Schedule I Illegal Drug under the Title 21 United States Code Controlled Substances Act. Don’t bring unwanted attention to your business; it’s crucial to ensure employees are trustworthy, responsible, and dependable.

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Our reports meet both Federal and State cannabis compliance standards. They were created specifically for this highly regulated industry with your safety in mind. The PreScreend team works alongside our clients to identify the most critical aspects of the ever-changing industry to keep your business compliant.

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PreScreend is owned and operated by current and former Law Enforcement professionals complemented by a unique team of Investigators. As Missouri’s preferred provider of on-demand cannabis screening, we offer a complete suite of solutions allowing you to mitigate risk, minimize reporting errors, and make a more informed decision.

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