Meet the PreScreend Executive Team

Dustin Abercrombie

Founder | CEO

Fun Fact: I enjoy spending time with my Son, and I have a passion for all powersports. I ride dirt bikes, and love “go fast” boats!

David McAllister

Co-Founder | CTO

I’m a national BBQ competitor, and my 913 BBQ team won the American Royal in 2016!

Madison Abercrombie

Co-Founder | Operations

Fun Fact: My alter ego is Honey Lemon from Disney's Big Hero 6. Like Honey, I love funky fashion and have a can-do attitude!

Ken Cypret

Vice President | Investigations

Fun Fact: I ate 23 White Castle Sliders in one sitting!

Adam Welsh

Vice President | Business Development

Fun Fact: In my spare time, I like to renovate dilapidated homes to combat urban blight and improve the community!

Jaqueline McCarthy

Strategy | Business Development

Fun Fact: I was born in Honduras and English is actually my second language!